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1. Introduction

Welcome to the VetBasic Tour web page.

Rohan at Community Veterinary Services

VetBasic is an application used at Community Veterinary Services and was developed by Rohan Fletcher in conjunction with Doctor Mark Collier the senior surgeon and manager.

Dr Collier purchased the Coburg business with an existing DOS based DB4 system. The records from this system were imported to a Microsoft Access database during 2002 and a custom set of Access forms were constructed to update client and patient records.

During early 2004 the business expanded and opened a second clinic in Reservoir. This introduced the need for a distributed system with a central database for both businesses. A client server architecture using the existing MS Access client and an open source Firebird SQL database server was chosen.

The main features of VetBasic are:
  • Client Records,
  • Patient Clinical History,
  • Consultations,
  • Hospital Admissions,
  • Injection Certificates,
  • Management of Vaccination, Heartworm, Intestinal Worm postal reminders,
  • Revisit reminders for followup consultations,
  • Telephone followup reminders after operations,
  • Daily Consultation and Admission takings,
  • Bulk Email Marketing,
  • Gribbles E-Pathology Linked.

  • Rohan at Community Veterinary Services

    Example screencasts of the VetBasic application:

  • Clinic Fact Sheet
  • Dog Notes
  • Heartworm And Vaccination Certificate
  • Microchip Certificate
  • Consultation Record
  • Admission
  • Admission Report
  • Cage Sheet
  • Desexing Certificate
  • Discharge Record
  • Fridge Reminder Discharge

  • The tour of VetBasic is divided in to 4 sections.

  • Veterinary Practice Management.
  • Database Architecture.
  • Network Architecture.
  • Software Engineering.

    Followed by a brief conclusion.